Open Task Manager from cmd

In this Open Task Manager from cmd line article we will guide you about how to use this tool from the command line. This is a guide to be used on the Windows operating system.

Open Task Manager from cmd
Open Task Manager from cmd


If you are a Windows user, you would know it is not always a happy scenario with Windows. There are times when the computer slows down and all the processes and applications stop working. In some instances, all the open windows freeze. They stop working on their own. In such a situation, it is also impossible to figure out which application is causing this disruption, or is it something else?

You know this is a very common problem with Windows and it must sound familiar. Since this happens to almost all users, the operating system of Windows has designed a very practical and helpful tool to your rescue. This tool is the Windows Task Manager.

What is a Task Manager?

A task manager is defined as a program that monitors the system. It provides complete data on various programs, applications, and processes running on your computer. This program also ensures that you are well-aware of your computer’s status.

This is a handy program that gives you an overview of everything running on your system and simultaneously provides you with the data on your computer’s consumption of power. It gives you a clear picture of which process is utilizing more power and which isn’t.

When you log in and launch to join several programs on your computer, these processes mix with a bunch of default processes already running and operative in the back. You must have noticed all the opened or minimized tabs, all running irrelevantly, while you work on something unrelated to the tabs. Tabs with a text editor, a graphic program, a movie on download, and music software can all run at the same time. It is easy to identify what processes are running at what time but to analyze the influence they have on your PC, isn’t easy to comprehend that at the first glance.

What does it do?

To get rid of this uncertainty, The Windows Task Manager offers a complete overview and details of all the applications running at a particular time. If you find an unnecessary application exerting immense pressure and load on the PC, you can directly end it through the Task Manager application.

This is a very practical tool and has some amazing features. Below is a brief list of things it does to sort out your computer’s power issues and much more.

  1. It processes the memory utilization of your CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  2. It identifies any network triggered by a loaded process.
  3. It calculates a program’s power consumption
  4. It lists down the programs running with an auto start feature. This information helps you to figure out irrelevant programs running at full capacity. You can then choose to either deactivate them through the Task Manager or uninstall them from your system.

Irrespective of the Windows version available in your computer’s system, nothing compares to the importance and the usage of Task Manager in your life. A task manager is a disciplined application for your system. It helps you to end all unresponsive processes, start new programs, and keep a check on programs and the activity of your PC.

Since this is a very important tool, there are many ways you can open the Task Manager on your PC. Knowing all these ways is very helpful when it comes to accessibility. You should know all the different ways that can help you open the Task Manager in all kinds of situations.

How can you open the Task Manager?

Take a look at the ways and try them out to understand them more clearly.

You can open the Task Manager from:

1.  The Taskbar

This is the easiest method for opening the Windows Task Manager. It is also very popular. If you are new to the Task Manager Application, read below and follow the steps.

  • Bring your cursor on the taskbar and press right-click.
  • Select Task Manager from all the given options
  • You will instantly find the Windows Task Manager in front of your eyes

2. The Keyboard Shortcut

You can also open the task manager through a keyboard shortcut. This is the second most easy and popular method to open the task manager.

  • Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc,” as the keyboard shortcut.
  • Wait a second or two and you will have your Task Manager on your screen.

3. Cmd or Command Prompt

Cmd is an abbreviation for command. You can open the task manager from cmd. Cmd refers to a Microsoft Windows command. When put in place, this command activates the Windows command line and opens it.

If you are a Windows 95 and 98 user, you can only use the command to open the command line. If you use any other Window except for the above two, you can open the command line either from cmd or command.

  • To open the task manager from cmd, press “Win + X”.
  • Once opened, select the Command Prompt option.
  • If you have Windows 7, you can choose to open the Command Prompt option from the Start menu option.
  • Once opened, type ‘taskmgr’ in the command prompt and press Enter.
  • If you want to open the task manager from cmd as an administrator, open the command prompt through your admin account and type the command mentioned above.

4.  Run Command

This is similar to the above way. You can use the run command window to get access to the Task Manager. Here is how you can do that:

  • Press “Win + R.”
  • Type in the command ‘taskmgr’ and press Enter.
  • The Windows Task Manager will open

5.Using File Explorer

For those who do not know, Task Manager is a separate application and not a part of Windows. It integrates and becomes a part of Windows, once installed.

If you are already aware of this fact and know where to look for it, you can reach the Task Manager application through Windows file explorer.

  • Press “Win + E” and open the Windows File explorer
  • Once opened, type in the following location C:\Windows\System32
  • Look for the “Taskmgr.exe” program and double-click.
  • This is how you can open the Task Manager from a file explorer

If you are an administrator and want to open the Task Manager, take your cursor on the application and press right-click. Select “Run as administrator” as an option and open the manager.

6.  “Ctrl + Alt + Del” Screen

In addition to all the above different ways, you can also use the Windows security screen to open the Task Manager

  • Press the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” on your keyboard. This is a shortcut key.
  • Once opened, select the option ‘Task Manager’ to open it.
  • Use this method when your system is completely unresponsive.


A task manager is a very useful tool for our system. It is a practical application. You can choose any of the above methods to open the task manager application but we would suggest you open the task manager from cmd. This is if you want a smooth opening process other than that all the above methods are very helpful.

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