What is port 80?

Port 80 is the default port that web server use and the default port that your web browser use to connect to web servers, how do web browser work, what if port 80 is closed and well known web server. Port 80 is the default port that web server use, when you open your browser … Read more

What is SSL port

SSL Port, also known as Secure Socket Layer port is by default related to HTTPS, re web server and work on port 443. SSL is a protocol that one can use to transfer data using secure tunnel and not as plain text. It is not the SSL port that matters but what is the application … Read more

What is port 25

Port 25, also known as SMTP port (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the default port that mail server use, when installing mail server in companies as an inner email server or as a web mail server the default port that the email server is using is port 25. Sometimes administrators had to check if port … Read more