What are the features of a good network scanner?

Network scanner is a very helpful service. To put it simply it is a type of a computer program that will map out a network which will help you to decide which services and computers can be exploited. There are many websites which provides this software for you and you have the option to do it online or download it on your computer. There are the paid and also the free version of this computer program. The paid version will have more features than a free version. You should consider your needs before you decide which version to get.

As there are many websites which offers to provide you with this program, you should be very careful in choosing this program in order o get the best service. The correct way to select the best one for you will be see if the website offers a network scanner which possesses certain features.

Features of a good network scanner

The first and foremost you have to make sure that the scanner is easy to use. This is a very important feature and if you can find a scanner with this feature then you can rest assure as you have chosen a scanner which will be user friendly and as a result you will be able to get the best result out of the scanner. It may happen that you are new at this, then in such a case a user friendly and easy to use scanner will be very helpful as only by clicking your mouse for few times you can get the result.

The next thing which you have to see is that network scanner is capable of performing this task well and good. The fact is that this type of computer program uses multi threaded scanning, so an efficient scanner is very much require to give a fast result. An efficient scanner should be able to scan thousands of computers in just a minute. So, before selecting to download a scanner makes sure that the scanner is capable to do this task.

A scanner will allow you to scan all the computers in a specified network efficiently. But a good scanner will not only allow you to scan in the network but also all computers connected to a subnet of the specified network. With this feature you have a wider range of machines which you can scan for your purpose.

In many scanning software privileges for scanning is only reserved for the administrator. Common users and programmers have no permission to use this feature. But this is not the case in case of this type of a scanner. There may be an administrator present in this type of network but even common users have same scanning privileges as received by an administrator. In other words, anyone and everyone can take advantage of this feature.

Now you know some of the basic features which should be present in a good network scanner. So, if you keep these points in mind will picking this type of scanner then you will without any doubt will have a good scanner in hand.

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