What are the features of a good vulnerability scanner?

Are you worried about the safety of the system of your computer? Do you want to improve the defects present in your system?  If your answer is yes, then you should definitely invest in a vulnerability scanner.

You may be wondering what it does. Well, basically it is a computer program whose job is to find loopholes and weaknesses present in your system. It is also used to identify defects present in the system and weak link in the system. Well, now that you have this critical information you can take preventive steps to eliminate all these weaknesses, defects, and loopholes. After eliminating all these, your system will truly be secure and also efficient for use.

A vulnerability scanner the easy to use tool:

When looking for a good vulnerability scanner you have to make sure if the scanner is easy to set up and also happens to be user friendly. A good scanner service will not tell you to download anything and also will not tell you to install any script and will definitely not tell you to purchase any equipment. The service provider will ask for your email address and of course your domain name and will provide you will the complete report of all the risk which where discover in your system.

Not only that, but it will also provide you will suggestions and advice on how to eliminate those very risks. The best part of this type of service is that they are very easy to use and so you will not have to waste your precious time and energy on figuring out this very procedure and anyone who is new at this can use it without any problem which is also a plus point.

Daily, weekly and monthly basis

Everyone’s need is different from another. Similarly, the importance of a vulnerability scanner is different for different systems. In some systems, these feature is not that important you can choose a plan which supports monthly scanning feature. Suppose this feature is important for a system but not critical then you can choose the weekly scanning feature.

If it is really critical then you need a daily scanning feature. Now a system may go through different phases through its life cycle and may require all three features at a different period of time. A good scanner of this sort will provide you with the option of scanning on daily, weekly, and also on a monthly basis.


With passing time new threats are being invented so you need you system to be updated with these threats. If you are scanner does not recognize these threats as threats it will not detect it and your system will be compromised. A good scanner’s database will be regularly updated with newest threats.


It may happen that you do not understand how to operate the scanner you have chosen or it may also happen that you are facing some difficulties. Besides these problems, it is sometimes seen that your scanner has some sort of malfunction. So, if you face these problems then you need a quick solution to these problems. Only a good vulnerability scanner provides a 24×7 helpline that is ready to assist their customer and you should definitely select a scanner that provides this advantage.

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