Flash Drive Recovery – All The Critical Info You Should Know

Welcome to our post Flash Drive Recovery – All The Critical Info You Should Know. Let’s find how to use a flash drive recovery properly!

You store a lot of important data in your USB flash drive, related to office use or some valuable memories in the form of pictures.

But now some crappy virus or an accident removed everything from the face of your USB flash drive. As an aftermath of the attack, you are now looking for a promising flash drive recovery solution.

The only thing that can make you live in peace now is the recovery of your data. There is this software called USB Flash Drive Data Recovery, easily available at the official site of Softonic.com and is totally free to download.

This software will easily locate and restore the lost files. It is completely compatible with every type of USB Flash drive and the process wouldn’t even take much time.

How to use this software for Flash Drive Recovery

Usually, the software are pretty complicated and the data recovery process itself is a havoc but this software is very user friendly. It downloads easily and will itself guide you through the process at each step.

– It offers most simple and useful options. You can find your files according to their format as the software supports more than 1000 formats.

– You can find your files in the specific folders as well, where you think they should have been.

– It takes screenshots of the recovered information for you.

All the recovered files can be saved to your system and you can easily upload it back to the USB flash drive once all your data is recovered.


· It has a nice and easy to understand layout.

· Even non-professionals can use it easily.

· Compatible with different types and brands of USB flash drives.

· Even the corrupted files can be recovered.


· The free version of the software lets you recover only up to 200 MB of lost or corrupt data.

· Different versions for Mac and Windows.

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