Online Port Scanner – One Of The Best Online Protection Methods

Technology is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Services are becoming more convenient with the use of programs and apps online. A down side to this is that as we increase the use of the internet to handle our personal businesses we also increase the chances of some unsavory character getting their hands on our private information. It is not likely that most would mention an online port scanner when asked about common methods used to prevent information theft.

The Most Common Protection Method

The most common method is the use of a firewall or anti-virus software. There are many different software programs around to help avoid hackers from getting their mitts on personal information.

Like most things they are not guaranteed to prevent information loss. Logically, if someone is smart enough to create a program to protect information, there is someone equally as smart to hack into the program.

With that in mind, an online port scanner would be great alongside any program for additional security.

So, why online port scanner?

For those who are unfamiliar with the product, it is used to scan computers to show which ports are open, which are in use, and what they are accountable for.

This lets people know how vulnerable their computer is to the world. In other words, the port scanner can inform you of how easy it is for the information on your computer to get into the wrong hands.

Using the product, you can remotely and easily test servers and network parameters.

In fact, most hackers often use the app to find a way to get into personal computers and steal information for criminal use.


Using an online port scanner to help protect personal information is a way to beat criminals using one of their best techniques against them.

Another benefit of using the app is that it will confirm all the ports on the computer that are working properly. Besides, it is simply the best way one can externally perform firewalls and ports scan.

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