How to block a phone number the complete guide

Phones are a wonderful source of communication between people from all over the world. The aim of manufacturing a phone i.e landline and mobile phone was to provide a source for communicating and to shorten the distance between people and the phone has been successful in doing this job.

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How to block a phone number
How to block a phone number | Image by José Manuel de Laá from Pixabay

However sometimes due to the absurd nature of some people, these phones become a source of headaches and tension. This is when people whom you don’t want to talk to keep on calling and texting you on your landlines or personal mobiles including android and iPhone. However, all these phones have a feature to remedy this disturbing situation.

This excellent feature of these phones includes blocking the number which is causing you the disturbance. Also sometimes marketing companies and people keep on sending their adds to your number even if you lack any interest in it.

How to block a phone number lets start:

The solution to all these disturbing situations is to block the phone numbers. Blocking the numbers will spare you from all the calls and texts which that particular number sends to you. Thus it disables the communication line between you and that number. However, some people don’t know the method to block the phone number on their phones either a mobile or a landline. In this article, we’ll discuss the easy method to block a phone number in three separate sections concerning landline phones, android phones, and iPhone respectively.

How to block a phone number on a Landline:

Landline service lacks the facility of text messages therefore calling is the only option available. However, due to a lack of digital panel and user guide, it is difficult to block a phone number on a landline than on a mobile phone. But most landline services provide the facility of blocking a particular number. Therefore telemarketing calls and calls from any harassing party can be abruptly blocked on your landline number.

Step 1

To inquire about the availability of this service the first step is to contact the service providers. You can contact the helpline via call or email and ask them about the availability of the call blocking service and the concerned instructions. Most of these landline services charges for this facility so to enquire about the monthly or yearly charges is a good precautionary measure. Some services allow you to block the numbers themselves. In case if that service isn’t available, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Wait for the dial tone and then press the code. This code varies according to different services and you can inquire about the helpline for this code. Most frequent landline codes are *67 or *60. Pressing of the code will inform you about whether the call blocking service is on or not. If it’s on then follow the step-3. If the service is not activated yet dial 3 on your phone. This will activate the given service.

Step 3

Dialing of the code will activate the call blocking service. In the next step insert the number that you want to block and put the receiver back. Following the code, you will hear instructions regarding how and when to enter the number to be blocked. This instruction involves pressing a button and then you can enter the phone number. To do this add the area code and phone number and then press the # button to enter. You can do this multiple times to block multiple numbers. Do this and then hang up the phone. These inserted numbers are blocked and you won’t receive any call until you unblock the number.


1- Inquire about the additional charges for call blocking service.

2- In some landline services there is a fixed amount of numbers that you can block therefore you should ask helpline about that too

3- A few Landline services also provide the facility to block anonymous calls. If you are interested in such blocking, the service providers will help you in this regard. To do this dial *77 on your landline upon the ringing of dial tone and follow the instructions.

Mobile phones let’s block phone number:

How to block a phone number now
How to block a phone number now | Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

A mobile phone uses a different set of software to operate. According to their respective software, they are categorized generally in three sets. This includes Android phones, Windows phones, and iPhones. To access the call blocking in these phones we’ll briefly discuss all these phones separately.

Android Phone:

Several mobile companies use android tech in their manufactured mobiles. The most popular of these is Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Sony, LG, and Google pixels. Also, the android group of mobile phones is most used in the world. The call blocking service of these phones from different companies is easy and somewhat similar. However, we’ll brief you to access this service separately in different android companies.

Samsung Phone:

1- Switch on your Samsung mobile and open the phone app

2- Select the number from your contact list or call logs and then click the top right corner saying” More”.

3- Then select the “auto-reject” option and confirm.

4- Do this for all the numbers that you want to block.

LG Phone:

1- Open the phone app and click on the three-dot icon on the top corner.

2- Press the option saying Call settings.

3- Go to ” reject calls” and then click the + icon. Then add the numbers to be blocked.

HTC and Huawei Phones:

For both these and other androids open the phone app or dialer app and long-press the number which is to be blocked. This will enable the option of “Block number” Press that option and the number are blocked.

Thus blocking numbers on android phones is very similar and easy. Anyone who can read can easily access this feature. Blocking a number will spare you from both the text messages and calls from that number. All other Android phones follow similar steps to block a number.

Apple iPhone:

If you need a break from people that are disturbing or annoying, apple allows to easily access this feature. You can readily block the face time, text messages and calls from any number. To access this feature in an iPhone two are two methods


This method is concerned with blocking the numbers that are already present in your contact list. Following these simple steps to access this feature.

1- Switch on your iPhone and go to the icon of “Settings”.

2- Next press the option “phone”.

3- You will be directed to the next options list. Scroll the list and find and press the option “call blocking and identification”.

4- Select “Block contact” and then the window with all your contacts will appear.

You can scroll the list to block the contacts which you think are necessary. iPhone also enables you to select message and face time option and follow the above instructions to block the contacts from texting and face time.


This another simple procedure is to block the phone number that is not present in your contact list. This method comprises of the following simple steps

1- Open the phone app and then press ” recent”.

2- Search the number that is to be blocked and then press the circled “i” option that is blue colored and present at the right of the number.

3- A list appears the below-most option of which says ” block this caller”. Tap on this option.

4- Next you will receive a message that reads ” you will not be able to receive calls, messages and face time from this contact with two options available. 1 says block contact and the other as ” Cancel”. 5- Press “block contact” and the number is blocked until you manually unblock it yourself.

You can also block a person from messages thread by selecting the message option and then following the same procedure stated above.

Windows phones

Number blocking service is available on windows phones and the steps are easy but somewhat different from the ones discussed for android and iPhone. However, to make it easy for you we’ll discuss this feature here too. Follow these steps in your windows phones to enable call and SMS blocking of any number.

1- Switch on your phone and navigate to the phone settings.

2- Next window will appear the 4th option of which will say ” Call + SMS filter”. Click this option.

3- If you are using this feature for the first time, a notice of ” terms of use and privacy policy” will appear. Press the accept option available under the instructions.

4- An on and off toggle will appear. Turn this on to enable the blocking of the number that are unsaved. Now go back and then go the call history and long-press the desired number and press the option” block”. Confirm this block by next pressing “OK”.

5- To enable blocking of saved numbers, go again to ” call and SMS filter” and tap on the ” advanced” icon. Multiple options will appear that will allow you to block the saved numbers and also turning the notifications on or off. Turn on the toggle and repeat the same process as above. The number will be blocked until you unblock it yourself.

Therefore all phones have the feature to block phone numbers to save you from harassing and disturbing people and the steps to access this feature are simple and easy as described above.

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