How to change IP address the defensive guide

To change IP address you have several options to choose from you can use a proxy, VPN, use a special web browser, connect to another wifi, reset your modem or router (not 100% work) or use a dedicated tool for that.

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Anyone can change the IP address that he is currently using, each one and his or her own reason. Here we gather 6 methods that you will learn about. Each method has its own pros and cons that you need to be familiar with. You also need to know what method will change IP address only in your browser and what will change it for all your internet connection.

What is IP address?

The first thing you need to understand is what is Ip address. Then you will want to know what is your current IP address. I will also tell you that there is a high chance that currently you have 2 IP addresses.

Wait, what is IPv4 and IPv6:

First, things first. There are 2 types of IP address version 4 and version 6. Version 6 had to be invested due to a no more available IP v4 to be used. IP v4 uses 4 octaves of 3 digits, aka ???.???.???.??? the numbers can be from 0 to 255, that 256 option per octaves, I will not go deep into it, but there are some reserved IP numbers and some more need to know info about this. We may write another article related to this topic in the near future.

Anyway, due to the lake of needed IP address around the world, IP v6 was designed, develop and in use. If you look at IP v6 it will look like: fd32:366e:471b:0:6ce5:726d:7899:bc08 or like fe80::4889:2fb9:2338:bbb4%12 IPv6 addresses are represented as eight groups, separated by colons, of four hexadecimal digits.

More information on IPv6 can be found on Wikipedia ( you can follow the IPv6 link).

Internal IP Address:

In case of a LAN (Local Area Network), there are IP addresses that each device get from the router. The default gateway, aka the IP that point each device who to send the data through, will pass your request to the router and then create a packet that contains your external IP address and it will send it out to the destination.

Most of the internal IP addresses (IPv4) will start with 10.* or 192.168.*

External IP Address:

The external IP address is the IP that your device use to Identifying in front of the Internet. It is like your home address. Each one can have only one unique IP  that he can use when surfing the web. This IP is Assigned to you mostly by your Internet Provider (ISP). The ISP can change your IP from time to time.

How to know what is my IP address:

Here are 2 methods you can use to check this:

  1. Using the ipconfig command-line tool. In general, ipconfig is a command-line tool. We will talk more about it later in this article. You need to open the command-line Type ipconfig and press enter. You will see information about your local IP information.
  2. Using an online what is my IP tool, like our tool: what is my IP. Just press the link it will open our site with a free tool that shows you the current IP address you are using to view this site. The IP address that you see is your external IP address.
ipconfig example
ipconfig example

Our 6 change IP address methods:


You can use a proxy to change the IP address that your device is currently using. There are several types of proxy that you can select. There is a free proxy that you can search on the web, but as they are share, others using them and most of them probably flag as a proxy. Means that if you use them your IP might be flag or block by websites.

In general, you configure your network adapter to use the proxy. What this means is that all the data you will send from your system will be transfer to the proxy. The proxy will take that data and pass it through and get back the data to send it to you.

A Proxy is a server that transfers the data for you and back to you. Using proxy you can change the IP address that you surf from. There are proxies all over the world so it is possible to make it looks like you are coming from another country.

Proxies are better when you need to use a bulk of IP address.


The major advantage of using a VPN, virtual private network, for IP change is that a VPN also encrypts all the data from your device. This means that it is more difficult to understand what is the data that pass between your device to the VPN. Nowadays VPN is much cheaper it uses to be. It is considered more safe and secure from proxy and with today prices even more recommended. One of the benefits of using Proxy over VPN will be in a case that you need more than one IP. It will be cheaper to buy a bulk of dedicated proxies.

In general, virtual private network, VPN, create an encrypted tunnel from your device to the remote VPN server and encrypt the data that transfer between your device to the server both ways.

Web browser:

There are the web browsers that once you open them to create tunneling to hide your IP address. Means that your real IP address is changed to another one. The most know one is the TOR project a free browser with the aim to defense against tracking and surveillance. Itis also one of the known browser to be used in the onion web also known as the dark web.

WIFI Spot:

If you are sitting in a coffee house, for example, and connect your device to the coffee network you are using the coffee IP address to surf the internet. There is a lot of free WiFi internet spot in most of the locations. If you move from one location WiFi to another your external IP address changes according to the WiFi, you’re connected to.

Keep in mind that although your IP address is changing your are still on a shared connection and it is not recommended to use any high secure level web sites, like banks, credit card and so on.

Modem/Router reset:

In some cases, if you reset your home router it is also changing the external IP address that you are using. To reset your router you need to check with the router mode. Each router has its own way for reset. You also need to remember that if you do a hard reset to the router you will have to reenter all your internet settings.

Using a tool:

There are tools, most cost money, that you can install on your device and they can change your IP address even in a rotation way, per click. look fo hides my IP term on google to get some tools that might be helpful with that.

Did my IP change?

Like mentioned above, there are tools that can be used to change the IP address.

If you use one of the above methods and want to be sure that your IP address was changed. You can use our website to verify it. Go to the following page to check what is the IP you are using for the web – what is my IP.

Now, that you know about the 6 methods for changing your IP address. Let me ask you a question. Why does someone want to change IP address?

Here are some optional answers:

  1. The IP address is blacklist.
  2. Be more anonymous on the web.
  3. Your country does not allow to surf specific web site.
  4. Site owner block access from your location.
  5. Against tracking and surveillance.
  6. Cause it possible.
  7. Save your privacy online.
  8. Other stuff.

We really hope that the how to change IP address the defensive guide help you and answer your question. You are more than welcome to comment us with your thought. In this post or using our contact page. And we will really apricated if you can share this article with your friends on social media.



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