What are the key features of using Facebook Friend Mapper?

Facebook friend mapper is a tool which allows users to collect and visualize the data from the social networks. You can buy it on their website. Check their website.

Facebook friend mapper
Facebook friend mapper | Image source and copyright (C) by Facebook friend mapper

The tool is available on the macOS, windows and some of the Linux operating systems. It is the only application which gives the power to explore the separation of any two users surfing on any of the social networking sites.

The best part about the software is that it visualizes all the communities which surround the Facebook user. In simple words, it allows you to see the privacy of the hidden friend list of any users.

Facebook friend mapper tool features:

Let us discuss the various features of the Facebook friend mapper tool.

Generally, the tool works to collect all the data from the profiles of other users to suggest various connections. And allows you to interact with them. There are a lot of users who use the tool for mapping as it works with the fast algorithm. Which produces a quick result for your requested plan.

  • You can easily visit the pre-mapped location in the history panel. As it offers you to save history and you can also customize the history panel while using it.
  • Facebook friend mapper allows you to discover the separation of any two Facebook users. Therefore you can easily discover the separation from above and outside six degrees.
  • The latest version of the tool uses advanced searching techniques which give more fast and improved techniques. It means that you can map with even more faster speed.
  • The tool allows its users to discover more communities and to easily elaborate them while surrounding any of the users.
  • It now offers a new notification option which will alert you for the latest update of the tool.
  • You can easily choose the theme in the customize option, and the developer prefers to use the dark theme to get better and focused experience while going for a map. If you don’t like both of the options, then you can go for different customizing styles.
  • The developers of the tool designed it for the ease of their users, and they first consider giving the best user interference. It does not matter that how technical you are with these tools as the software can be used by everyone easily.
  • The best feature of the tool is that the mapping speed is rapidly increasing and each search is enhanced with previous mapped results.

Export options supported by the tool:

PNG format:

It allows its users to quickly export all the mapped images in the PNG format, which offers them to share with their friends.

CSV format:

Facebook friend mapper comes with a unique option which offers you to export all the details of the map. It supports the CSV format which helps you to examine all the data collected by you while searching for a map.

These all are the key features which are provided by the software. You can easily use it to visualize the data from the different social networking platform. The current version of the tool is 3.0.

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