The Importance of Online Port Scanner

This is essential especially in troubleshooting in servers. For example after test using the online port scanner one is able to determine which port is not working or has malfunctioned. Sometimes the offline port scanners can be used but they do not necessarily help solve all the problems.

Sometimes your email may be blacklisted preventing you from sending emails successfully. Through the scanner, you can check whether your email is in a blacklist or it is a just another problem. This mostly helps to reduce spam.

Sometimes your clients may overburden you with complaints about the speed. online port scanner can help you solve this very fast. It would be hard to fin the problem manually but with this tool it would be just a matter of minutes. This means that you will not have problems wit your clients and it will also help you achieve your main goal which is to satisfy the needs of your clients.

Port forwarding is very critical in your router. It determines how perfectly the device i being used meaning that if it is not perfect some problems may arise. The scanner is used to test for port forwarding and help to find out problems if there are any. For example one can decide to change the configurations that are on these routers to enhance increment of the speed.

If you are running a website that is restricted to certain people from a certain region, this tool is the best for you. It helps you to track all the internet protocol addresses that will help you know the intruders. It acts as a very good measure to help in security issues and know those people trying to accessing your network without permission.

Sometimes as a network administrator you need to get the best out of what you do. For example you need a network that is capable to meet all the needs of your clients. BY knowing the ports that are open to to others, it is very easy to detect logging or those people try to hack into your system. For example an ethical hacker will need o know the port that is open so that they can close the ones that are easily penetrable.

Computer virus is the greatest enemy to computer scientists. For example it can make one lose data that they have been working on for a very long time. In most cases, virus is transmitted by malicious people whose joy is to see others suffering. That can be stopped by figuring out how many people have access to a certain port and whatever they transmit through them.

The best thing with online port scanner is that it has now special requirements. All you need is to be on the internet and the rest will be in place. If you are not sure on how to obtain your internet protocol address, you can use website that have been solely designed to help in this work. After you get it, go to the scanner page and key in the address. This will give you all the ports that are open and the communications that are taking place through them. It has been greatly used to detect spam and other unwanted messages or files that ca harm your computer.

If you are wondering why one cannot just download the port scanner software and use it offline, you should realize that there are very many advantages that come along with using the online one. After you have scanned all your ports, the scanner goes a head to give you an opportunity to troubleshoot for problems online. Moreover it is fast as compared.

The operating system configurations can affect the performance of personal computer either positively or negatively. When it affects them negatively, here is reduction in the speeds of the computer. This may lead to a great loss especially in companies where work is solely dependent on computers. In such a case, a port scanner can be very useful to detect the problems and help coming up with the best solution. By so doing it helps to reduce losses in very many occasions. If you have never used n online port scanner on your pc, it is the high time that you used it and experienced the great benefits of using the same.

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