Protect the computer from viruses with an online scanner

Technology has taken over the world. Everything that is done is now run by software or a server loaded on the computer. For instance, there are different kinds of apps that can measure distance travelled or weight gain, traffic and street lights are operated through an online network, etc. With so much tech-savvy gadgets ruling everyday life a virus infiltrating and ruining all stored data on the computer is easier than it was 10 years ago.

To protect the computer and any other gadget from getting a virus an online scanner is downloaded to notify the user about any potential websites or links that could pose as a risk of infecting the computer. The security company provides an anti-virus service for the user. They notify the user about updates that they’ve made and scan randomly when the user is using the computer.

Scanning happens anytime or as the user logs on to their profile. A virus scan can also happen when a device is connected to the PC. What the security company does when it finds or locates a virus is it flushes it out of the computer and refreshes all system networks. All this is done seamlessly without continual prompting of the user to allow them to do their job. Having an online scanner installed on the computer protects the user from every lurking danger. Seen and unseen. When the user is connected to the internet and googles some information, some security companies mark the sites that the search engine pops ups. The marked sites are either good for browsing and downloading or not.

Navigation certifications of sites that are dodgy are immediately emphasized when the user clicks on the potentially harmful site. The user is given an option to either go back to the previous page or continue to the site. There are a lot of security companies that specialize in removing and detecting online and computer viruses. Majority of them are similar and get the job done. Kaspersky, Norton and Panda Security are a few of the online security firms that are popular in protecting the computer from all harmful viruses.

Online security scanner’s go to extensive measures to ensure quality service for its users. Kaspersky is known for researching and studying common viruses that usually infect a PC.

For most security firms protection of the PC isn’t only limited to online protection, they also make protect any information on the PC from getting infected. Norton Security’s recent anti-virus software protects multiple devices under one service. It conserves privacy of the user, offers protection against viruses, malware, spyware and any other attacks that may happen online.

With the Norton anti-virus software loaded on the user’s PC or devices users get benefits of a cooperative relationship with the service. The user can move protection from one device to another; the user can add protection to any additional devices that the user gets. It has a tracking device; with it the user can locate any lost or stolen smartphones and tablets. In addition to all of this the company provides specialized security for any device. On the computer it protects the user from online threats, identity theft and viruses. On additional devices like tablets and smartphones the software are safe from privacy fears like unwelcome access to photos, messages and contacts.

Norton has a wide spectrum of services provided. Most online scanner firms do. In order to get the best of anti-virus protection users need to subscribe to the service. Initially the firms offer users a 30-day free trial. During the 30 days users get to preview and observe exactly how the service would work after subscribing. When the 30 day trial draws to a close the company reminds the user of this and gives them the option of renewing the subscription before the trial ends.

With subscription comes cost. Most firms offer yearly or monthly subscriptions. Some subscriptions are more expensive than others. For $79 or $80 users can get a yearly or bi-yearly Norton subscription. Kapersky offers a cheaper product than Norton. The pure 3.0 Total Security, that protects the PC and the users online presence is sold for $65, marked down from $90. With so many dangers lurking on the internet an anti-virus package is a necessity.

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