Best Malware Protection Tips

Malware is frightening, primarily because it is so prevalent today. Manifesting in a variety of formats and mediums, from emails to torrents, there is no avoiding Malware today, this is why malware protection is a must.

It could be argued that there has never been a time since the invention of the internet when it was so dangerous to go online; yet, the nature of the world is such that internet use cannot be avoided.

5 Malware Protection Tips:

Just because Malware is so prevalent doesn’t mean you should run and hide, avoiding the internet at all costs.

There are ways to defend one’s systems against the invasion of Malware.

It requires time, money and effort, but the resources are worth your peace of mind, some of the simplest tips you can utilize in your efforts to defend against malware and to give you some malware protection including the following:

  1. Anti-Malware Tools: This goes without saying; the first thing you should always do when you purchase a new computer is to install an anti-malware tool of some sort. Anti-malware tools and programs are widely available. You need only select a tool that satisfies your particular requirements, this including budget and scale.While there are numerous free anti-malware programs on the internet, you are better off spending money to acquire a protection tool that can actually guarantee your safety; though, if money is an issue, a free anti-malware program is better than nothing.
  2. Scans: There is no point in buying an anti-malware program if you do not actually use it. Anti-malware tools not only defend your system against the intrusion of malware but they also provide cleaning features.Make an effort to carry out regular scans using your anti-malware tool. Any file that you introduce to your machine could possess malware. The only way to remove sneaky malware programs from your system, malware programs that you might be unaware of, is to carry out regular scans.
  3. Updates: Keep you operating system and system programs up to date. Annoying as updates can be, they are designed to resolve any kinks and weaknesses that might exist in your computer’s software.Malware continues to grow more sophisticated each and every day. The only way software manufacturers can keep your device safe is to continuously develop new solutions to new Malware threats. The only way to optimize the security of your device is to regularly update your software and operating system.
  4. Downloads: You need to approach every single download with suspicion. Executable files are especially dangerous: this includes any file that requires installation and, thus, has the power to write data to your system.Not only should you scan every single file or program you download for hidden malware but you are discouraged against downloading files from sources you do not trust and whose legitimacy you cannot verify.
  5. Secure your Network: Take steps to secure your network. This includes using encryption software. The least you can do is to safeguard your Wi-Fi Connection with a password. Additionally, avoid broadcasting on an Open Wi-Fi connection. You should also favor WPA or WPA2 encryption over WEP (which is no longer safe).

Defending your system against malware is, for the most part, a matter of common sense. Let your instincts guide you. If an Email looks a little too suspicious, delete it. If you have never signed up for any lottery, ignore the notifications suggesting that you just won a prize. Let common sense guide you.

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