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Getting the right Network Monitoring Applications tools for any particular job means the difference between getting any job done and doing it effectively and efficiently. This also applies when it comes to your network monitoring.

Top 5 Network Monitoring Applications

Networking services are very important to the functionality and health of any company or data center and hence proper management services ought to be the first priority. In order to properly manage the way your network works, you can check the review of the top 5 network monitoring applications below to choose the one that works for you:

Overview of the Top 5 Network Monitoring Applications:

PRTG Network Monitor

This is an all-inclusive solution for network monitoring: easy-to-use insightful interface, comprehensive monitoring and a high-tech monitoring engine.

This network monitoring application is capable of scaling any size of network from the small offices and up to 70% of the Fortune 100 companies. All this ability is offered in one license. PRTG offers the assurance of network components availability, usage and traffic measures.

It helps in reducing costs by optimizing connections, quality and workload. It avoids outages thereby cutting costs, saves time and control the service level agreements.

ManageEngine OpManager

This is a network management platform that assists large service providers, enterprises and all SMEs in managing their data centers and IT infrastructure in an efficient and cost effective manner.

It offers monitoring services on physical and virtual servers, network monitoring, business views, L2 Maps and event log management.

Other services include syslog management, port/interface traffic monitoring, TCP services and Windows services, sms/email based alerts and plug-ins for configuration management and traffic analysis.

AdRem NetCrunch

This is an agentless and all-in-one network monitoring and management system that is capable of monitoring all the devices present in your network.

It is able to monitor the availability, performance, bandwidth, traffic flow and services. It automatically generates dependencies and maps.

It also offers support to all the leading types of OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, VMWare, ESX/ESXi etc/ it constitutes the automatic alert correlation and more advanced layer-2 mapping.

If anyone is interested in giving NetCrunch a try, we offer 30 days of free tech support as well as free installation assistance with an engineer via live webinar.

IPHost Network Monitor

This is an uptime and performance monitoring software that is capable of alerting you about any issues to do with your servers, applications and network.

The Web Transaction Monitor’ add-on enables the simulation of all the steps of real user activity to offer advanced monitoring on applications and web sites.

The software is also capable of supporting conventional web sites monitoring, db, mail and other network equipment and resources. This software supports both WMI and SNMP.

The technical support is always on standby ready to assist you on any issues, choosing the best approach and writing scripts for your needs.

Spiceworks IT Desktop

This software enables you to monitor all your devices in one place easily. Spiceworks Network Monitor keeps an eye on your SNMP-enabled devices like switches and routers from a single dashboard and all your servers.

This software enables you to have a total visibility of your whole network and this enables you to detect any issues before the users and make you the hero.

You also have email alerts that you can rely on after works to update you on the issues that could be affecting your system.

All the above are reviews of some of the top 5 network monitoring applications.

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