Best Network Scanning Tools For 2016

The increase of the use of internet has triggered the use of network scanning tools. With the increasing use of computers and internet, network scanning and monitoring tools have become an important part of network management. Through network scanning, one can identify active hosts on a network. Then one can decide whether to attack them or assess the same. Various procedures such as ping sweeps, port scans and inverse mapping are used to scan networks.

Some of the best network scanning tools for 2016 are listed below:

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

It is the best network scanner for LAN network and IP addresses. It scans all devices with their host information which are connected to the LAN network and saves the scanning results in XML, text, HTML and other formats such as the CSV file format. The other features offered by this software include chatting and file sharing.


This software monitors the LAN network that is being used by a computer system. It provides all the information of the devices being used by the LAN IP addresses. This also has a scan feature that automatically hunts for devices after the expiry of every 2 to 10 minutes.


It is a software that helps to monitor all the devices linked to the particular LAN. Other than this, this software provides speed test and details of the network available in the area. Additionally, it provides a desktop notification whenever any new device is linked to the LAN.


This software specifically opens in system tray and can detect each and every device linked to the LAN IP addresses. The software comes with a feature of email notifications with sound. EasyNetMonitor is a small zip file with a size almost equivalent to 150 KB.

IP Range -AngryIP Scanner

This is a Java-based software that scans devices in connection to the LAN network. It has all the features provided by all the above mentioned software’s. This software can further save the scanning in simple text format in the PC.

Bopup Scanner

This is a unique software not only scans the IP addresses available on the LAN network but also provides some other useful information such as their connection status. The unique feature to this software is the change of color, For instance, when there is an IP address that is connected, the IP address icon turns green; otherwise it remains red.

Advanced IP Scanner

This is a super-fast scanner that scans all IP ports linked to the LAN network. This software also provides details of the IP addresses on the LAN network. Advanced IP Scanner can be used to add specific ports to ��Favorites’ for future reference. This software is available in both, installer version and in portable version.

Other than the above mentioned network scanning tools, there are some other prominent software’s such as:

  • Mitec Network Scanner
  • Wireless Network Watcher
  • PortScan & Stuff
  • IP Seizer
  • ComeiTool
  • Nagios
  • and so on…

Some are available with free trial versions on the internet too. It is advisable to install the one that suits the individual needs.

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