Best Port Forwarding Check Tool

Best Port Forwarding Check Tool and How to check whether it is working

Port forwarding check tool is a web application used to check port forwarding rules. This tool was developed specifically for CCTV Camera pros. For you to view the video surveillance remotely over the internet, it’s very important to set up forwarding rules to enable internet traffic from outside to your local area network. This tool is provided by the CCTV Camera pros to help installers and customers to determine that their port forwarding tools are set up well.

How to use port forwarding check tool

The port forwarding check tool automatically checks and detects the IP address that the computer is using and populates the host name and IP address field. If you wish, you can manually change it to any IP address, host, or domain name that you want to check. When doing this, it’s not a must that you have to be located at the domain or the IP address you are using so as to use this tool. Next, write the port number that you want to check and click the scan button. Alternatively, you can click on one of the ports that is mostly for surveillance. This will then scan using the port that you have chosen.

How to check if the port forwarding check tool is working

  • Run the service – Port forwarding is like a service that you want to run on the network. If you want to test whether it’s functioning or not, launch the server and then test it internally. Next, you need to connect it to an outside user. The URL will be the IP address that you have been given.
  • Debug options – Although this is a bit complicated, you can still watch or review the debug logs when port forwarding is enabled. Just by watching this, you can know exactly how a request is being translated. More so, if you try to run the debug service, it will show you how it’s being handled by the router. Although some routers do not have the debug options, it’s the cheapest option available.
  • Use scanning software – If you are managing large networks, there are other tools available. These include Solarwinds and Radmin that you can install on your computer. The good thing is that apart from port scanning you can also compare them with other information concerning your network. As you open and forward the ports, this feature is important for maintaining flexibility structure and security.
  • Port scanning websites – You can also use one of the websites that check individual ports to confirm whether they are opened or closed. Websites such as You Get Signal, Ipmango, and IPFingerprints allows you to enter the port that you wish to test. This process is only effective if you visit the site from the PC which has been used to forward the port. To check the web server just open the browser and test whether it’s working.

Well, that is how to check whether your best port forwarding check tool is working or not. Although all these methods work just well, choosing the best one majorly depends on the user.

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