Top Process Mapping Software 2016

3 Free Process Mapping Software

Most businesses and organizations have realized the importance of using process mapping software. Such businesses are able to access and customize process mapping examples and templates in a more convenient manner.

The businesses ensure that the different processes are documented and updated properly. As a result of the many benefits of the software some businesses have invested significant amounts with an objective of making sure their operations run more smoothly.

However, some of the businesses use free process mapping software which are equally effective and efficient. These free ones are readily available and comes with an assortment of benefits. But amongst the many which are free there are some which are better than others in terms of performance and efficiency.

This makes it paramount to know the top 3 free process mapping software.

1. Lucidcharts

This is one of the most used process mapping software. One of the main reasons why it is popular is that it comes free of charge where users just need to download it. The users just need to download the free Business Process Mapping Notation(BPMN) and then proceed to use it.

The software has been designed as as an add on for Microsoft Visio and therefore it can be used by almost anyone. The software is also one of the simplest to use in the market. This is made possible because it is designed in a manner that everything is straight forward. As a result of this even people who do not have technical skills can go ahead and use it conveniently. Another feature of this particular software is that it organizes information with process hierarchies.

This allows the users to access the different sections of the different processes. The software also automatically generates Flatmaps and Swimlanes which makes it even more convenient to use.

2. Graham Process

This is another free process mapping software that has different features that help organizations and companies a lot. This particular software clearly shows interrelated flows and relationships of multiple forms, reports, emails, systems, database and other items in the process. The software maps are ideal for for documenting, managing, improving and documenting business processes.

The companies that use this particular free software are able to detect inefficiencies more easily and on time. Such companies are in turn able to rectify or improve the sections that are not performing well. The users of Graham Process are also able to visualize different concepts therefore making it easier to fulfill their objectives.

The software also allows conveneint importation and exportation of Visio files which allow users view and edit files that are sent to them. Using this software is simple where it can be used by almost anyone provided the user has the basic knowledge on how it works.

3. DropMind

This is also a very helpful free process mapping software which enables users capture important data in a powerful visusl format. the software has the ability to organize complex information in memorable, interactive and visually distinctive maps.

The software is compatible with different types of operating systems and therefore it can be used in many organizations. The software treats process knowledge mapped in Visio as an object that is centralized rather than as attributes. This allows users to reuse the information across tasks and processes.

These attributes makes it be rated amongst the top 3 free process mapping software which are helpful to different types of businesses and organizations.

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