Raid data recovery software, the best of the internet in one post

Raid is a technology used to protect data when one hard disk fails. It involves combining multiple disk drive components into a logical unit. However, in the event your Raid begins to demonstrate unexpected behavior, it can be catastrophic for your business. Let me walk you through the best RAID data recovery software in 2017.

 Raid data recovery software
Raid data recovery software

1. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

This software is designed to facilitate simple data recovery by technicians. It features advanced options for recovering inaccessible or corrupt data. It’s powerful enough to recover data even without the use of a controller card. Best of all, it provides options to search lost/deleted and raw raid data. Stellar supports different complex RAID configurations including Raid 0, 5 and 6. Before you start performing the recovery option, you should first build the Raid array.


· Offers fully automated recovery, no user input is required

· Recovers NTFS- formatted Windows RAID within minutes

· Runs on Windows and Vista operating systems


· Does not come with lifetime updates

2. ReclaiMe Free raid recovery

It’s designed for recovering different raid configuration parameters like block size and disk order. The software uses a platform that displays the files that are available for recovery. It offers good performance and fast recovery.


· No spyware or toolbar are needed

· No technical skills are required

· Comes with variety of output options

· Works with different raid types including Raid 0,5 and 10

· No hidden costs are involved


· Only runs on windows operating systems

· Does not give the user the ability for a file-to-file recovery

3. DiskInternals software

The software recognizes all configurations of different types of arrays. It uses a fully automated system to detect essential parameters such as type of RAID controller, disk order, stripe size and type of array. DiskInternals uses advanced search algorithms to recover important files even if there is a missing disk in the array.


· The software automatically detects the type of disk array

· Since its automatic, the software will do all the work on its own

· Comes with an option of manual or automatic mode


· The manual method is laborious

4. GetDataBack Raid data recovery software

It comes in two forms; one for NTFS and the other one for FAT file systems. This software uses four sophistication levels to escalate good recovery results of any data lost due to a virus attack and it’s so powerful that it can recover data from a disk that is no longer being recognized by Windows.


· It’s simple interface guides the user to recover lost data in no time

· Supports RAID-0 and RAID-5 configuration

· Comes with free lifetime updates

· Supports all types of hard drives


· Runs only on Windows operating system

5. R-Studio Data Recovery Software

It uses advanced features and techniques in data recovery. The software features an advanced RAID reconstruction module which is the most comprehensive data recovery solution.


· Comes with RAID parameter recognition

· Offers the user absolute control over data recovery

· Can recover different levels of RAID


· May not be able to recover all lost files

· Copying lost files on the same disks can result to overwriting


Although Raid systems rarely fail but a little preparation goes a long way in protecting your data. We recommend that you consider any of the above Raid data recovery software to get back your lost data.

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