Why you should an online ping tool and how to improve SEO

An online ping tool is a useful network tool that allows you to verify whether a host name or an IP address is accessible. It shows the packets received, transmitted or lost in every ping request. This powerful tool helps the user to get quick indexing by search engines. It’s also a simple way to find out the server or the IP address a website is hosted on.

Online Ping Tool
Online Ping Tool

Benefits of an online ping tool

Testing your website or server

A ping tool works over internet control message protocol (ICMP) that sends a message to the target host and then waits for a packet response. More than one request is sent before the statistics are displayed on the output. If the packet sent to the IP address bounces back, the system is having a problem. Likewise, when connections are good, the return packet will be received. This is the simplest way to find out how the IP address for your website works.

SEO purposes

An online ping tool displays the results and how much it takes to see an IP address to the server reaction time. It recognizes any change you have recently made on your website. This means, when you publish a new article or blog, you can notify other engines that you’ve updated the page. Remember, your website will work well when you update it with useful content. Don’t wait for the search engine to note the change that you’ve made on your website while you can notify them yourself. You can easily use the tool for SEO purposes to obtain outstanding benefits in a short duration of time.

It’s simple to use

All you need is to specify the target host name and then the message will be translated to the IP address. Consequently, echo requests will be sent. The tool uses parameters like timeout which specifies the time each reply will take. It also uses time-to-live command which identifies the network nodes for an echo request packet to go through.

Helps in boosting the speed of a low website

An online ping tool will ensure your web page is indexed quickly by search engines. When your website is slow, you can always arrange for such tools to boost the speed. If you’ve added a new category on your site and you wish to check the load time, this is the best tool for you. The ping tool gives statistics about incoming and outgoing traffic. A fast site should not take more than 400 milliseconds to load. Response times below 100ms are considered good for browsing.

Network monitoring and troubleshooting

A ping tool offers server and network monitoring using ICMP echo facility. It identifies the path taken for packet to return. If you have problems connecting to a remote host, such tools can be used to check where the connection failed. The problem may not be your computer, but something along the way. It’s not only a tool for identifying problems, but also useful in identifying traffic on a network for performance measurement. It gives how much time it will take to open a site from a particular IP address or server.

In laymen’s terms, an online ping tool is useful in enhancing the value of your website. Pinging is possible through a number of websites that offer the service. All you need is to enter the URL of your website and the press the appropriate button. When properly used, it can increase the value of your business.

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