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How to Recover Data from Raid 0 – Information You MUST Know

How to Recover Data from Raid 0? Just to refresh your memory, a RAID 0 is a stripping volume created by two or more hard drives. RAID 0 is often used in different types of servers including snap servers, external hard drives, desktop computers, and NAS units. Data is stored on each hard disk when any file is written to the array.

Even though RAID 0 provides quick access to the data stored in the array, it does not provide data redundancy. Thus, when one drive fails in the RAID 0 arrays, there is a high probability of losing all your data. This article will disclose to you effective ways to recover data from RAID 0.

How to Recover Data from Raid 0

Hard Disk failure is often one of the major causes for data loss from Raid 0. If it happens to you, reliable data recovery software will help you to get back your lost files. Even though there are many software, both free and paid on the internet, only a few will ensure effective recovery of your data.

One outstanding data recovery software is the iCare Data Recovery program. This software is not only easy to use but also works on all RAID arrays to resolve different data loss issues. Besides recovering your documents, this software will also help you to recover your music, pictures, emails, videos, and much more. What’s more? The software is also compatible with most Windows Operating Systems including Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10.

Steps to Recover Data from RAID 0

1. To restore all your files from a RAID 0 volume, just download the iCare Data Recovery software and install it on your computer. Do not install the program on the volume where the data got lost. Run the program on your computer and then select a perfect scan mode.

2. Choose the RAID 0 disk where the data got lost and wait patiently for the scanning process to run to completion.

3. After scanning, preview the recovered files and then save them on another drive.

Final Thoughts

Any dubious attempts to fix a damaged RAID 0 might lead to permanent loss of the data stored on the drive. Whether from a complete or quick format, the iCare Data Recovery software will recover your data from any RAID 0 array. If in doubt, always seek help from a reliable Data Recovery company.

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