Router Security, A Matter of Your Concern

The Internet is now an important element of our life. Nearly everything in our life now is indispensably impacted by the Internet. One can live without food for a day but not without the Internet. Various Artificial Assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc., work solely on the availability of the Internet. The Internet is transforming modern life and satisfying all purposes. The hegemony of the Internet in the life of modern man is due to its easy and hassle-free availability due to devices like routers, phones, desktops, laptops, etc.

Network Router Security
Network Router Security | Image by Thomas Schoenemeyer from Pixabay

Routers are one of the most important devices that help people connect to the web in masses. They enable many users to be connected to the Internet simultaneously using wires and wirelessly. Now, suppose you want to search for your favorite product on your favorite shopping platform, and you are all set, but then suddenly your Wi-Fi stopped working. This will make you so disappointed that you shut off your router, but it again failed after a fresh boot up. This can be due to various reasons listed below with the possible solutions as well.

1- Change the SSID or display name of your router.

Many a time, it is seen that people start to use their router just after its unboxing. They forget or don’t even bother to change their Wi-Fi router’s SSID or display name. The display name is like ‘DIRECT-73527BH-WIFI’, etc, which contains confidential information like the model and manufacturer of your router. This makes your Wi-Fi more prone to hackers as it would be easier for them to know about the router and its intrinsic settings.

So it would be nicer from your side if you changed the SSID of your router as soon as you buy it. Also, remember not to take an SSID name so common that it could be guessed easily.

2- Change the Password as soon as you unbox your router

When you buy the router, below the original company name, an intrinsic password is written. Which can be easily accessed or hacked by hackers as they deal with such things daily. So it would be beneficial for you to change the password as soon as you unbox your router before using it for your daily purposes. Also, remember to change your password frequently to prevent any unwanted access to your Wi-Fi. To save your economic and social losses.

3- Guest ID

Suppose Your Wi-Fi is hacked, then if all your appliances would be working on the same network, they all are in a danger zone. Nowadays, it is seen that people use various electronic appliances which work only on the availability of the Internet. This called the Internet of Things, IoT. So Creating a Guest ID for each device would make it easy for you to distinguish between each device and enables a check of where the problem occurs.

Also, rather than sharing your Wi-Fi every time with your data-sucking friends, it would be better for you to give them a guest ID. This will fulfill their demand and keep them aside from your Wi-Fi behind your nose when you are not present.

4- Physical Care of Routers

This is the point which is neglected every time. People easily forget that their router is also an electric appliance and needs proper care. It needs to be well maintained, cleaned daily, and kept dust-free. They often place liquids like energy drinks and water on the router’s top. This makes the router faulty and ultimately causes unwanted problems. Also, the cables which connect the router to the external world should be checked regularly, whether there is any leakage of power or not. Proper Electric Stabilizers should be used to avert any electrical fluctuations, which can damage the router. Hence this point needs to be addressed with priority.

5- Connect from Anywhere Option

Sometimes, users move from their regular homes to other cities due to personal and professional reasons. Here comes the ‘Connect from anywhere option handy. It helps the user disable the router for any unwanted access or use until he wants.

6- Knowledge of Router Application on Computer

This is the most important point which needs to be addressed. Suppose you did everything from opening the box to connecting to switching on the router. But you would be unable to do any of the points mentioned above and things if you can’t use the router’s application on your computer. Neither you can change the SSID nor the Password. You can also not enable or disable the ‘Connect from anywhere option if you want to. So a first-hand experience is a prerequisite knowledge to use the router most effectively and efficiently.

So, these are the minuscule yet important details which are needed to be looked upon. If one wants to use his router for constructive purposes and not suffer losses due to loss of private and confidential information by router’s hacking.


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