Check open ports online

Check open ports online
Check open ports online | Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

What is Port? 

The word port is related to the field of computer networking. Port refers to the virtual point where the connection of the network begins and ends. The computer operating system manages ports that are software-based. Port is related to a particular process or service. You can determine port as a logical construct that helps to mention a specific function or networking service at the software level. Using ports, your computer system can easily draw a point of distinction between all types of traffic.

There is a different port that lands for email traffic, such as port 25, whereas port 80 is another port that lands the web traffic. Each traffic has a different port even though they have a similar network connection from the computer system. Which port must be forwarded is decided by the graders of the incoming packet. There are IP addresses, a port, and network protocol in every network request, which is needed to finish the request’s destined networking address.

Each computer device consists of two network ports. They are-

  • User datagram protocol ports or UDP ports
  • Transmission control protocol ports or TCP ports

What do you mean by port number? 

Each port is assigned a particular number to make every port standardized. It helps to adopt the ports across all connected networking devices. There is a reservation for every port to serve a particular protocol. For instance, port 80 refers to HTTP messages (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Internet protocol or IP address allows communication across networks on a particular device, and port numbers determine specific services to target the specific device. Forwarded network traffic is known by the port number as indicated by UDP and TCP headers.

What are the common port numbers? 

1-65353 is the range of all port numbers. However, all these ports are not used very often, and only a few are commonly used. The ports, along with their related network protocols, are as follows:

  • File transfer protocol or FTP is for port 20 And port 21
  • Secure shell or SSH is for port 22
  • Telnet protocol is for port 23
  • SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is for port 25
  • Domain Name System or DNS is for Port 53
  • POP 3 or Post Office Protocol for version 3 is for port 110
  • Network Time Protocol or NTP is for Port 123
  • IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is for port 143
  • SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol is for port 161
  • HTTPS is for port 443
  • SMB or Server Message Block is for Port 445
  • ISAKMP or Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol is for port 500.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is for port 3389

Reserved ports from 0-1023 TCP ports are common and standardized by IANA and reserved for mainly application. Semi reserved ports refer to TCP ports that range from 1034-49151 and are accessible for application and services. Public ports refer to ports 49152, which are free to use and are quite high. Any user can use public ports.

Why is port scan run? 

You can avoid external attacks on your Internet protocol by checking whether ports are open. Scripts, malware, and bots are malicious applications that exploit the code found in server software that lets entrance on the remote machine in an unauthorized way. A large range of IPs are affected by attackers. Therefore it is important to keep ports open which can be protected by Firewall, Hardware, Software, Antivirus programs. Many port scanners are open source and come free. Small business network engineers and system administrators can use these port scanners.

 Advanced Online Port Scanners In 2022

SolarWinds Port Scanner

This port scanner, SolaeWings Port Scanner, is a free tool that detects vulnerability on network devices. It helps to scan TCP ports, UDP ports, and IP addresses. This port scanner is a commercial tool that offers a network configuration manager. This tool helps define your choice of DNS server and can easily track the endpoint device connection activity and user.

Advanced port scanner 

Advanced port scanner is a port scanner that comes for free and performs scanning of networking devices. This port scanner supports the Windows platform. It performs port scanning, which is quite quick and multithreaded. It includes features like detecting running programs on the remote device. Also, it quickly scans network-connected devices and performs remote PC shutdown and Wake On LAN.


Nmap is a famous port scanning tool and a tool for network discovery. It is an open-source tool supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. It is a security auditing tool that detects potential issues and determines the running apps and the version of these apps. You can use this tool for detecting open ports on a particular network

Angry IP Scanner 

This tool, Angry IP Scanneris a network scanner used to scan the internet and local network. It is supported in different platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is no need for any installation. It is an open-source and free platform. It is simple to understand and use as well. This network scanning tool can be integrated with Java. You can export the outcome in any format, including a command-line interface.


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