SonicWall – A Company Full Of Surprises And An Intriguing History

Sonicwall is a privately owned company which was founded in 1991 by Sreekanth Ravi, and Sudhakar Ravi. Its administrative center is located in San Jose, California.

It was later purchased by Dell in the year 2012. On 20th June 2016 Dell sold the company to a private firm known as Francisco Partners and the Elliot Management.

SonicWall Basics

The company deals with internet appliances focused on network security and content control. They provide help in the manufacture of devices that are accustomed to services for UTMs, VPNs, anti-spam services emails and network farewells.

They also promote information services associated with their products. The company’s solutions also aim to fix issues relating to PCI compliance and HIPPA matters.

1000 -1200 were the who employees worked in 2011 and the company’s revenue was $265 million also in 2011. Key individual in SonicWall is Bill Conner, the head manager and CEO of SonicWall.


The company has its major branch in UK called SonicWALL Secure UK and its website is

It is the marketing name for SonicWall focused business unit of Cantarus Limited, which was founded in the year 2013 with an award winning UK IT Consultancy Firm.

The company is comprised of different portfolio services which are all-inclusive and offers a complete approach to data recovery and network security.

They offer services ranging from consultancy services which include installation to network analysis along with support and management.


The company provides a full turn-key remedy to implement leading-edge security for your own company or organization along with special advice on the different products you need and can assist in installation and configuration of your appliances.

They provide subsequent based support to its clients as long as making them able to remotely monitor and control those mentioned appliances by utilizing SonicWall’s number one Global Management System, which ensures that software updates are well managed in an organized procedure.

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