The Open Port Scanner Tool

What is Port Scan?

When it comes to discussing about open port scanner, there are plenty of vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Computer networks are made from a variety of telecommunication devices and wires that allow computers to communicate. These networks make use of special access ports to send and receive messages over the telephone line. This is a network security software program that reviews the active ports that are open on a network. This has the ability to inspect messages that are delivered on specific port channels to keep an eye out for suspicious activities.

Computers can be used in a lot of different ways to communicate. Instant messaging, email, file transfer protocol, and other protocols are all means of electronic communication. Each of these types of software tools makes use of a specific access port on the network to transmit data. The open port scanner reviews the open ports, thereby ensuring that message traffic satisfies specific security guidelines.

A port scan utilizes a special port scanning software program. This software program is configured to run port validation test across the whole network searching for suspicious behaviors. Majority of the tools are bought via commercial security companies that specialize in computer cyber security.

A number of free port scanning tools are readily available on the Internet. These tools are effective for home users who are interested in getting a quick report of the available ports exposed on a home computer network. A free port scan provides you with a generic report of open port vulnerabilities. However, it is unable to perform the analysis available with commercial products.

A system administrator is generally responsible for running an open port scan to protect the security of the company’s computer network. This professional runs the program on a periodic basis in order to ensure that sufficient security measures are in place. If any suspicious port activity is observed, it is reported to the security personnel.

Hackers And Port Scanning

An open port scanner can also be employed by hackers as an infiltration device. This type of port scan exposes open ports to criminals, who may then use the data to access the company’s network. Once a hacker knows about the available ports, he can install a specific virus software program that will put the company’s computer network security at risk.

Port Sweeping

Port sweeping is another technique commonly employed by computer hackers to locate available ports on a network. This procedure is similar to a port scan, but routes messages to the same port address across multiple computers. The idea is to locate an unsecured entry point on a network of computers.

An online port scanner is usually hosted by a company that provides port scanning capabilities over the Internet. This is most productive for smaller networks, such as home networks, since they are usually limited in scope. The online port scanner will conduct a port scan looking for closed, open, and blocked ports. Thus, when talking about an open port scanner, there are plenty of benefits that can be enjoyed by the user.

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