What Open Port Checker Tool Is?

The Guide to What Open Port Checker Tool Is?

If you are a computer geek then you have probably heard about open port checker tool but what about those who are amateurs? Well, this is basically a tool that is often available for free and is used to identify both opened and closed ports. It is usually used to determine whether the server in use is working or not. The tool can also be used to check whether your Internet Service Provider has blocked a port or the firewall did it.

How to Use the Tool

Using open checker tool is simple because you just need to access a website that offers this utility, like this site. While at the site you will be required to enter your remote address together with the port number you are looking for and then click enter and you will be provided with the port’s status. Your remote address is basically the external IP address which will then help in identifying open ports in whatever connection you are using. There are ports in your connection which in most cases, they would be forwarded hence the tool can act as a port scanner to identify them.

Why are Ports Blocked?

In most cases, Internet Service Providers (ISP) will block specific ports with the aim of preventing malicious activities. For example, your ISP will block port 25 which is used for Simple Mail Transfer Services (SMTP). Malicious activities may be sending messages to and from your computer which can harm it like sending viruses or it can steal your information. The ISP will therefore block this port to prevent such from occurring.

When it comes to open port checker tool, there are two terms which you need to learn so as to understand it properly. These two terms are Port Forwarding and Blocked Ports. Take a look below;

Port Forwarding

This word is used synonymously with port mapping hence when you come across each one of them, you will not scratch your head. Port Forwarding makes it possible for a remote computer to be able to link up with a private network or another computer. This makes it possible for you to run a server which could be a game server or any other behind your router. In an ordinary network the router will have its own public IP while the computers and servers will have to be allocated their own IP address and it will be from the router but the outside network won’t know. By using the open port checker, you will be able to inform your router to direct your traffic to wherever depending on that port. The tool will be able to tell you whether the process was successful or not.

Blocked Ports

If you are using a residential ISP, there is a high probability that port 80 and 25 will be blocked. Why? The aim is to keep off spam and viruses. Port 80 is for HTTP while 25 is for SMTP which was mentioned briefly above. If port 80 has been blocked you will have to use non-standard ports which will still allow web traffic.

If you are having any issues with setting these ports, the router always has a manual which can assist you especially when it comes to port forwarding.

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