Tracy Software Present Visual Tracy 2019

Tracy Software Present Visual Tracy 2019 an independent executable software that changes the look and feel of Visual Studio environment.

Visual Tracy 2019
Visual Tracy 2019


Developer intro:


Ok, Tiny introduction, I’m a C++ programmer for almost 20 years. With a lot of experience developing software, extensions, add-ons and more.

During the years I always wanted to change the Visual Studio look and feel, so now that I got the time. I started writing the code, feature after feature, step by step.

The Visual Tracy Story:

First thumb rule I thought about is the infrastructure flexibility. I don’t want to be restricted to Microsoft Visual Studio ‘extensions’ only.

I wanted the ability to control other editor and compilers, so it will be widely used among developers and development language.

Other editor and compilers that currently in my list, are:

  • Eclipse.
  • Python editors.
  • JScript.
  • Sublime.
  • And more.

So, my first choice was NOT to create an extension but rather, create an independent process (EXE file) that have dynamic libraries (DLL’s) connected to it.

Hers how it works:

Once the exe is loaded, running, its load all the dll’s that located in the install directory.
Every dll is a library that controls a specific task in a specific editor, compiler or IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Which will give the flexibility to support new features, more development editors in a fast and easy way.

Visual Tracy 2019 functionality:

The first DLL I was creating, is replacing the standard Microsoft Visual Studio Splash screen, from the simple boring text to a colorful image.

The second functionality I added to the Visual Studio, (I call it now Visual Tracy) is controlling the build event.

We all know that project building can take a long time to wait. I have created a feature that presents a 3d avatar woman that animate while build is progressing.

If the build is very long. The user (the developer) can switch the browser and just view the animated woman without any interferers. Once the animated woman disappears, for instance, this is a notification for the developer, indicate that the build progress is done. Now, he can switch back to his development environment to continue his work.

Btw, there is another cool feature:

If you want the software to add your own images, contact me and I can prepare a binary with your image installed.

All the software code is written in C++, by me.

Do you want us to create a specific program modification?
Please contact me for more details.

Also, we have more project that we are currently working on. You are welcome to query me for more information.

For ways to contact me, please look in the bottom.

From Visual Studio 2017:

Visual Studio
Visual Studio | Image By Microsoft








To Visual Tracy 2019

Visual Tracy 2019
Visual Tracy 2019











Visual Tracy 2019 Download:

  • You can download this software here: Tracy

Contact me:


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