What is a Ddos attack? And it Various Types

Let us clearly understand what is a ddos attack? With a suitable example, ddos stands for denial of service attack. It involves attacking an IP address with a huge amount of the traffic which points to a web server, and then it gets affected by the attack. When the attackers get into your system, then it will be able to control it and do whatever they want. As it is a special type of attack for denial of the service and they can generate it through multiple sources.

what is a ddos attack
what is a ddos attack | Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

The ddos attack is the form of a cyber attack which targets the system of the victim and disrupts their network service or connectivity to the internet. It generally attacks the system with powerful processing of multiple viruses, and it can be in the form of the trogon, malware, and other harmful viruses.

Last year, a lot of researches said that this cybercrime is increasing day by day and the main reason for increasing the cybercrime is the insecure internet things and devices.

So, what is a ddos attack?

Let us discuss the type of ddos attacks and how they work.

Volumetric attacks

It is the most common attack which enters in a system network. It sends false data reports to the end user, and it also floods the part of the data with the machine and stops the legitimate traffic from entering in the system.

The hackers attack the data transmission of the user datagram protocol and internet control message protocol, and then the user will not be able to reply to the original one and get trapped in their network. If you understand what is a ddos attack? In the intro paragraph, then it will be easy for you to understand this type of ddos attack.

Protocol attacks

The attacks generally focus on the damaging the network areas. By stopping them from connecting to verify to a particular network. It sends malformed buzz, slow buzz, and harmful packets. Which affect the computer to lose the memory and then the system tends to overload and crashed.

Your firewall will also be affected by the protocol attack. The most common form of this attack is the SYN flood. The flood establishes an IP connection by making a three-way handshake. When a client sends a packet of the SYN. It does not reach the receiver end. It is received by the attacker, and you will not see anything on that page.

Application layer attacks

It is the uppermost layer of the network model named OSI and attacks the one which the user is close to the interaction of the system. The general process of the application layer is that it focuses directly on web traffic. The web traffic may include the DNS, HTTP, and many other protocols. These attackers do not get tracked as the working process of the application layer is done on the single machine or smaller number of them.

These all are the various types of the ddos. If you thoroughly go through the article then you will defiantly know that what is a ddos attack? And their various types.

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