EDR in Cyber Security – Top 3 Functions You Need To Know

In this article, EDR in Cyber Security Top 3 Functions You Need To Know we are going to talk about the following 3 functions you need to know, uncover the Attacker Automatically, collaborate with Threat Intelligence, and offers Real-Time Visibility.

EDR in Cyber Security
EDR in Cyber Security | Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

EDR is mainly abbreviated from Endpoint Detection & Response (and is also called EDTR as Endpoint Detection & Threat Response) is a security solution whose job is to monitor the devices of users for detection purposes and the main aim is to give a proper response to any cyber attack such as malware or ransomware. The detection is done using a number of data analytics techniques. EDR in Cyber Security also lets the user know how to get rid of any such malicious attack in future and how to block the one that has just attacked.

Working of EDR in Cyber Security

EDR in cyber security records any activity or event occurring on endpoints and tends to provide the teams with the required visibility which they are in need of for uncovering incidents which are not so visible if seen otherwise. The basic purpose of an EDR solution is to provide comprehensive and consistent visibility in order for the team to understand what’s going on in there. For that reason, EDR tools do a great job by offering the threat detection, investigate the matter and respond as soon as possible to avoid any such attack.

Key Functions of EDR in Cyber Security

EDR has a number of key functions that help the users in various ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • EDR can Uncover the Attacker Automatically

EDR technology in combination with its excellent visibility uses data analytics which helps in analyzing millions of events in no time as a result of which it ends up detecting even the small traces of a suspicious activity. If a series of events and an IOA matches, EDR tool identifies that activity as a malicious one and a detection alert is sent automatically. Users also have the option of writing their custom searches and the data they have lost will be backed up, but only up to 90 days.

  • Collaborates with Threat Intelligence

EDR collaborates with threat intelligence in order to detect any activity or technique faster which is considered to be malicious. This helps in letting the user know about the kind of attack and how to cope with it as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Sometimes, the users use the EDR tool but due to a delay in detection due to any reason, they do not succeed in doing it all quickly which makes them lose important data. So, as a user, make sure that you use EDR tools in collaboration with threat intelligence to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Also, EDR tools help the threat hunters to stay one step ahead of the attackers and because of the same tools, the hunters detect and investigate the activity as soon as they come across it. Once they find the point of attack, they don’t let the attackers go and don’t let them attack anymore, at least on the same site.

  • EDR offers Real Time Visibility

EDR records the activities to catch any incident that, according to the team isn’t good. Customers get a proper visibility of what’s going on at the endpoints. This helps the security teams get some useful information such as:

  • External and Local Addresses in use of the host
  • All the logged in accounts of the user, either remote or direct
  • Execution of processes
  • A detailed model of what’s happening and how to cope with it.

All these things ensure that the user doesn’t have to face any issue while using his/her computer at home or at office.

Importance of EDR in Cyber Security

All the organizations must admit the fact that the attackers have enough time as well as resources that will help them find a way to your defenses no matter how advanced your organization is and how much is your work experience. Here are some of the reasons why EDR in Cyber Security must be a part of your security strategy at any cost.

  • Prevention is not a lone warrior and cannot get the job done for you perfectly.
  • Adversaries may stay at your network for as long as they wish and get out with their own will.
  • Organizations don’t have the required visibility to ensure the safety of their data.
  • Having access to intelligence is really important to respond to any malicious activity.
  • Once the data is lost, there is no way one can bring it back without paying a lot of money.

All these reasons are there for you to understand the importance of EDR in Cyber security and see why it should be there for detection and investigation purposes.


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