Port open tester

Port open tester
Port open tester

What is a port? 

An endpoint in communication taking place in the network system is a port. Port numbers are identified using 16bit unsigned numbers, a mix of address and protocol.

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission control protocol (TCP) are some protocols that use the port.

What is Port open Tester?

Port open tester is a tool that is quite simple and is availed free online for testing open ports on your device or computer system. It is used to test port forwarding settings on the router if the user faces connectivity issues with the computer program. Then, it can be possible that the application’s port is being blocked by the firewall of your router or ISP. In this way, you can identify problems with your firewall setup. This tool is helpful for privacy and security reasons when a user is not sure whether the port is open or closed. Users have to ensure server port configuration (25565) while playing Minecraft or other similar games to port forwarding and allow their friends to connect properly to their server.

Commonly used ports 

The numbers of ports start from 1-65535. There are a few famous ports that IANA pre defines as convention among these ports.

  • 20 and 21 is File transfer protocol (FTP)
  • 0-1023 includes SMTP, FTP, DHCP, HTTP well-known ports
  • 22 is Secure Shell (SSH)
  • 1024-49151 is reserved ports
  • 23 includes remote login service, Telnet
  • 49152-65535 private or dynamic ports
  • 25 includes a simple mail transfer protocol
  • 53 includes domain name system, DNS
  • 110 includes Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)
  • 445 includes SMB
  • 115 includes Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • 80- Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • 443 includes Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), SSL
  • 194 includes Internet Relay Chat or IRC
  • 161 includes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) etc.

Port forwarding

Port forwarding is also known as port mapping, which means translating the port number to a new location or address, accepting the packets, and forwarding it with the help of a routing table. It is used to connect to a remote computer with specific computer programs in a private Local Area Network.

Is My Port Open?

You can use a free tool for testing whether the particular port on your computer device is open or close. It helps to check whether port forwarding is set on your device. Use this tool if you have issues with games, software, or apps. Port checker tools test port forwarding settings on device or computer. You can know whether the port is blocked by ISP or firewall or is open to the public. You can ensure security since unrequired open port is not safe for your computer device.

Checking open ports on your router 

Your router can have some open ports for internet and web application like FTP file transfer email and browsing. You have to open ports for an application that needs an internet connection. So checking open ports for effective communication is needed in the following ways-

Netstat command

You can check for open ports by running netstat command on your PC. The ports that have values like TIME-WAIT, ESTABLISHED, and CLOSE-WAIT are the ones that are open for connection. LISTENING valued ports means ports are opened on computer device but not router

Router console 

You can check for open ports by visiting the router’s IP address page.

Port checker tools 

You can get port checker tools online and help test the Port’s status.

 Best Open Port Checkers and Scanners

The hardware gateway is known as ports. Ports help provide access to plenty of activities and processes to a shared network interface. They can be means of vulnerability in networking system.

WhatsIsMyIP Port scanner 

This port open scanner is web-based which depends on a strong internet connection. It is popularly known as a checker for a public IP address that covers many tools. Also, it offers IP address lookup, IP WHOIS lookup, blacklist check, IP address hostname lookup etc. It is a tool that works in seconds for checking several ports.

SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset 

This open poet check tool helps in the port checking and port scanning process. It helps in testing open ports and offers comprehensive tools (60), each of which helps monitor the network and provide management solutions. This tool is known for its versatility and network administrator abilities. You can detect any security risk in your network using this tool. It also lets you know which devices have a network connection and reachable services. It helps know network routing since this port checker tool combines route viewer tools and neighbor maps.

Spiceworks IP scanner 

It is a web-based tool available online that can be used with Windows, Linux, Mac OS. It is easy to use, and this program help you in conducting a scan, checking whether each device is connected to your networking system and reports on the following points –

  • Hostname
  • Operating system
  • MAC address
  • Manufacturer
  • IP address


Zenmap, it is a network testing and security auditing tool that helps to monitor your network and lets you perform scans for TCP ports or UDP ports. It uses s preliminary system checking before making an open port scan. It has a user-friendly interface but is not developed for business use as it is an open-source scanner software without a sophisticated interface.

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