How To Apply Group Policy In OU

A group policy can be linked to an organizational unit using the Group Policy Management Console. A group policy can be linked to any other domain or site. Group policy is actually a feature of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Group Policy
Group Policy Object | Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

It is used for controlling the working environments of computer accounts and user accounts. It actually helps by providing centralized management of the operating system. Configuration of the operating system is also given by the group policy.

Group policy was actually introduced in Windows 2000. It replaced Windows NT systems policies. The group policy is now the key tool for any AD domain.

An organizational unit or OU is a part of the Microsoft active directory. It is capable of holding the user, groups, and computers. It is basically the smallest t unit to which an administrator can link the group policy or the account permissions.

The organizational unit can have many organization units within it but the catch is that all the OU within the main OU has to be unique. Also, information from the other domain cannot be stored in a particular organizational unit.

For linking a group policy to the organization unit you need to have read and write permission to the system volume of the domain controller. Also, you need to have the authority so that you can modify the settings in the selected directory object.

How To Create The Group Policy Object?

For linking the group policy to any organizational unit, you need to have the Group Policy Management Console or the GPMC. The GPMC is found on default controllers. It can also be installed from the Remote Server Administration Tools or RSAT.

  1. You then need to know the device for which you will run the GPMC.
  2. Then you have to log into using a user account that has the permission to create new group policy objects.
  3. After that, you have to get to the group policy management in the windows search option of your computer.
  4. When you enter the group policy management screen you have to expand the AD forest domains.
  5. Next, you have to select the domain where you would like to create a new group policy object.

You can name the group policy object from the menu and you can also edit its features according to your specifications.

Link The Group Policy

Now that you have created a new group policy you need to link it to all the other domains of your computer.  You have to again go to the GPMC and then you have to enter the domain controller OU. There you have to select the newly created group policy and the domain controllers as well to which you want them to be connected.

At last, you will find the new group policy object listed. Although as there will be more GPOs, they will have an order number attached to them. The higher the order number, the more priority is given to these GPOs.


Group policies are used for securing the computers from potential data breaches and infiltration. Thus one must know how to link their group policies correctly to the organizational unit for the protection of their computers.



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