How to do a continuous ping under windows

If you are asking yourself how to do a continuous ping you are in the right place, follow this article for 2 easy to use methods that you can use to run a continuous ping command.


How to do a continuous ping:

OK, Like the title said, here are 2 easy to use tools or methods to run a continuous ping.

1. Using the windows ping command:

If windows operation system, there is a switch that can be used to make the ping command a continuous ping. the switch is ‘-t’ once you add this switch in the command line, the ping command will continue till it stops by the user. Did you know, the default behavior of the ping command under Linux is to continuous run.

In the command line type:

ping <targethost/ip> -t 

This will make it continue to ping the target host or IP address till you stop it.

Please Note: When running the ping command with /? or -? it wills how you the help screen. This is from the help screen regarding the -t switch:

-t Ping the specified host until stopped. To see statistics and continue – type Control-Break; To stop – type Control-C.

2. Using our free PingUI tool:

We develop a small windows based tool that you can download and use to run ping. PingUI is a small free tool, for the Windows operating system, that gives you the option to run a ping command from a User-Friendly Interface. This tool has a checkbox that once its marks, the tool will continue to ping on the desired target, aka continuous ping.

In this short article, we show you how easy it is to run a continuous ping from your windows computer. Now you can also do it using the above method. if you want to read more about the network term ping follow this link to Wikipedia – ping

Hope you find this article useful and that it answers your question. If so, I do hope you will share it with your friends.

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