What is a ssl port? and what port ssl use?

What is a ssl port? An SSL port is a secure protocol that in default use port 443 for communication. SSL is a secure socket layer and is widely used on the internet for HTTPS communication.

What is a ssl port
What is a ssl port

SSL or secure socket layer is a secure protocol that use to secure the communication on port 443 (as default) between the two talking sides. A day by day example can be a client open website using a web browser. All the data sent from the client will be encrypted and all the data that will send from the website will also be encrypted. In default, SSL port number is 443.

What is Secure Sockets Layer aka SSL:

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a data authentication and data encryption for communication on the internet, internet connection, and data transfer. It encrypts data that sending from the internet and to the internet. SSL works with the private and public key to encrypt the data for high security.

This is the lock you see in your browser, and if you press on this lock you can see the current certificate that the site uses to encrypt the data. For a lot of reasons, an SSL certificate is recommended, including PCI compliance for secure payments, User registration, SEO factors and more.

HTTP vs HTTPS protocols:

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is what we know as the begin of a URL. It uses to describe a non-secure URL. HTTPS is the same protocol encapsulate by a secure layer to make the connection secure.

Over the network when sending data using the HTTP protocol there is no real option to distinguish between the data that send, so to distinguish between non-secure aka HTTP and secure aka HTTPS data transfer the port was changed. In non-secure, HTTP we use port 80 and insecure, HTTPS we use port 443.

Please note that port 80 and 443 are default port that assigns to the HTTP and HTTPS protocol, in theory, the data can be sent on other ports, as SSL encapsulate the HTTP data to make it secure and we can configure any port to send this data.

So what is a ssl port:

SSL port is 443 or HTTPS. Why? Because HTTP over SSL brings us to HTTPS and HTTPS use port 443 as the default port for secure connection.

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