The port checker open or closed question.

The port checker open or closed question is a daily question that users ask themself. On our website, you can find several tools to check and get the answer. We have online and offline tools that you can use to run a port check.

Port checker open
Port checker open | Image by Bethany Drouin from Pixabay

Tools for port checker open or closed:

Here is a list of tool information that can help you determine if your port is open or closed. We are linking to our own articles on this website.

  • Online tools – You can use our main site to test if port is open or closed tool.
  • Command-line tools – You can use telnet and nmap for remote check. Use netstat for local checking.
  • Tools with a user interface – You can download the Putty free tool and use it to check port status. We have here our Open Port Viewer tool that you can use to check the local port status.
  • Script & Source – We even have an article that contains information on how to use PowerShell to check if the port is open or closed. And a basic windows port scanner C++ source code that you can use.

A port checker open or closed tool can be used base on needs. If you need to check it locally on your system, in your LAN or from remote.

Ports, IP, Network:

Ports are open due to a service that listens for incoming connections. There are some known services that have defaults and known ports. Assign by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) organization.

For example, we site that we surf into are using a web server, like IIS or Apache that use port 80 or port 443 for listening to incoming connections. Where 80 is for HTTP and 443 is for HTTPS.

Each URL is converted to an Internet Protocol (IP) number. This is the address globally. There are Domain Name Servers (DNS) that hold list of IP and Domains. There can be more than one domain on IP address.

BTW, every application that communicates over the network, or internet, use ports. For another example, your WhatsApp application use the following ports 80, 443, 4244, 5222, 5223, 5228, 5242 for the communication.


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