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Why It Is Necessary To Scan Ip For Open Ports Regularly

There are several reasons people scan IP for open ports. The two most common reasons are: Scanning of IP for open ports is done by IT experts to find out security protocols on the network. Hackers or cyber-attackers also use it to identify network services running on a host so as to be able to…

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How To Check Open Ports In Windows

To know which port is open in window can be done easily. So you can check open port in windows by doing this. All you need is a program that displaces all TCP and UDP connections and their respective states. And all windows computers have such program—Netstat. Even when you do not supply, it does…

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How to open ports on router?

In this post, we are trying to answer the how to open ports on router question. You should know that this was written using a specific router but it quite same on other routers. Ports are like doors, they make it possible for programs on your computer to connect to other computers same thing with…

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How to check if port is open on windows

The knowledge of how to check for open ports is important especially when you own a windows device. Here is an article about how to check if port is open on the windows operating system. This can be done using any of the available port checker tools online. There are freeware tools for Microsoft Windows…

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Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port Scanner is the act of port scanning with some more abilities then just to detect if port is open on close, it will also try to detect the service that is after the open port. With lots of new security threats coming in daily, protecting your system and digital files is more than…

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How To Port Test And Why It Is Important

A port test for any device is imperative. This means your phone, PC, portable, connected television, game systems, and any appliance that is connected to the internet. Every device that you use has a number of ports. The ports connect different devices and peripherals. The number of ports and on any device has increased as…

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What An Open Port Checker Tool Does For You

An open port checker tool is a relatively simple program. The program can be resident on any device. The program can be invoked from any device to check that device or any device anywhere in the world. The open port checker tool has two tasks. The program determines what ports are open. The port can…

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How can I check if port is open?

To make it fast, if you need to check if port is open on your windows device without downloading or installing any tool, just open the command line and type ‘netstat -an’ to get the list of the currents open ports, more information on the netstat command line can be found on our site under…

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How An Online Port Scanner Works

An online port scanner can help you discover a good number of holes that can be used by a hacker to cause mayhem against you. Keep reading if you want to know more about how an online port scanner works. It is important to note that the security of your network is being put to…

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What Ports Are Open On Computers?

What ports are open on my computer is a common question that asked by a lot of peoples. Because some ports are associated with special services and these ports have to be open for your computer to run properly, It is very important to know the ports that are open on your computer,  . Apart…

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